About Us

CoreMechanics, LLC is a Rhode Island based health and wellness company that was formed in June 2015.  Our team consists of highly experienced healthcare and engineering professionals who developed a new concept and product for daily musculoskeletal care.  The product CoreForm (patent pending) is a wearable exercise solution to problems causing our population multiple injuries through our evolving lifestyles and advances in technology. People of all age groups are developing a forward leaning body position through such activities as sitting for hours at a desk or at school, texting on our phones or tablets, etc. Anatomically, this forward position causes muscles and tendons to become overstretched, a potential for causing injury, pain and ultimately a decrease in quality of life. Daily use of CoreForm will enhance core muscles from the neck to the low back, improve postural awareness, improve spinal and shoulder alignment, and assist with increasing circulation. 


​CoreMechanics, LLC mission is to first and foremost help people of all ages to prevent injury and assist in healing those who suffer from pre-existing conditions. CoreMechanics, LLC develops and provides customers with wearable exercise technology that assists in creating mechanically correct posture through functional movements resulting in muscle symmetry. Our commitment is to employ our expertise of human anatomy, physiology and design in order to effectively allow people to be as active as possible, gain strength, exude confidence, while enhancing their lifestyles.