The evolution of technology (i.e. sitting at a desk working on a computer, looking down at tablets/smart phones, etc.) has created injuries due to poor posture as a result of forward head/shoulder positioning. Whether you're at school, in an office environment or work in the field, this can be a common issue. Postural muscle weakness is a result of poor posture and bad positioning. 

OUR SOLUTION We have developed a wearable exercise product, "CoreForm" (patent pending), for daily use to prevent and stabilize musculoskeletal injury. Worn anytime and anywhere, CoreForm enhances posture, spinal and shoulder alignment. Used in conjunction with a recommended exercise routine, CoreForm strengthens core muscles from the neck to the lower back, improves postural balance, increases circulation and reduces pain.


Other products on the market use approaches that only help remind you to stand up straight and keep you in the right position. None of these products will help improve the problem of postural muscle weakness. Not only does CoreForm help you keep proper form for good posture, but with our recommended exercises it will actually improve postural muscle strength, decreasing one's risk of injury. As a result of these improvements, CoreForm can help reduce pain.