The idea of CoreMechanics was created in April 2015 and shortly thereafter in June 2015, the company was established. Over the past 2 years, we have been developing a prototype of CoreForm. In September 2016, we submitted a utility patent, which is currently pending.​​

 From left to right: Concept, Prototype, Final Design 


Additional Information


In May 2017, we we're awarded an innovation grant voucher from Rhode Island Commerce Corporation. Through the use of this grant funding, we were able to collaborate with three colleges including the Physical Therapy Department within the Graduate College, the Textiles Department within the College of Business, and the Biomedical Engineering Department within the College of Engineering. 

Through our research with URI, the Physical Therapy Department conducted testing with human subjects on the function of CoreForm. The results of the study were positive in that the subject's posture and muscle strength improved in as little as three weeks time. The Textiles Department conducted tests on he fabrics wear and washability. Their results showed that washing and drying did not compromise the functional components of CoreForm. The Biomedical Engineering Department has done testing on resistance from CoreForm during the recommended exercises and have shown that muscles do fatigue after performing the recommended exercise routine, which supports our claim about improved posture and muscle strength.



CoreMechanics, LLC awarded innovation voucher from Rhode Island Commerce Corporation May 2017

Innovation Project:
CoreMechanics, LLC Collaborating with URI will be a crucial step to further enhance the CoreForm product. URI’s College of Business Administration, specifically the textile department, will be providing needed industry standard testing on the garment portion of the product. The engineering department will test specific pressures exerted on and from the human body while wearing the garment. The physical therapy department will be testing CoreForm on a student and patient population. CoreMechanics, LLC is a health & wellness company that is developing wearable exercise products for daily use in prevention and stabilization of musculoskeletal injury. The company’s initial product, CoreForm (patent pending), is designed to improve core muscles from the neck to lower back, enhance posture and spinal/shoulder alignment, improve balance, and increase circulation. 

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